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"Show only files" filter string must not contain quotes or end with backslash. $HARDLIMIT) continue; if (is_dir($s)) $s.='/'; $files[filemtime($s).sprintf('%0'.$hardlimitdigits.'d',$cnt)]=$s; # must append $cnt in case 2 files have same mtime we can still use assoc array for easy sorting } pclose($p); if ($sortby=='name') if ($order=='asc') asort($files); else arsort($files); else if ($order=='asc') ksort($files); else krsort($files); $cnt=count($files); echo ($cnt?($cnt.' '.($files==1?'file matches':'files match')):'No files match').' the specified search string: '.SafeOut($key).($regex==''?'':(' ('.SafeOut($regex).')'))."\n\n"; ?>

$file) {



	if ($long)
	  printf("%9d %s %s\n",filesize($file),date('Y-m-d',substr($mtime,0,-$hardlimitdigits)),$href);


=$HARDLIMIT) echo "(Only the first $HARDLIMIT files shown.)\n"; ?>


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